Visa-Free Travel Between Ghana and The Bahamas

Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and The Bahamas’ Commonwealth has officially signed a visa waiver. It aims to strengthen diplomatic ties and make travel easier.  The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) announced the landmark agreement on February 20, showing a shared commitment to make travel easy for citizens of both nations. This agreement marks a pivotal step towards fostering increased travel and cultural exchanges between Ghana and The Bahamas.

The accord was formalized in a signing ceremony attended by distinguished representatives from both countries, including H.E. Andrew Wilson, Ambassador of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas to the Republic of Ghana, and Honourable Kwaku Ampratwum-Sarpong, M.P., Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ghana.

Covering a broad spectrum of passport categories, including Diplomatic, Service, and Regular passports, the visa waiver arrangement is designed to alleviate potential complications and obstacles that travelers might face when journeying between the two countries. This initiative not only streamlines the travel process but also signifies the growing trend of visa liberalization across Africa, as evidenced by similar agreements, such as the recent visa waiver regime between Ghana and South Africa for ordinary passport holders.

The visa waiver agreement comes on the heels of a previous commitment by both nations to enhance cooperation and promote visa-free travel for their citizens, reflecting a shared vision of increased connectivity and mutual understanding. By removing visa requirements for tourists and visitors, the governments of Ghana and The Bahamas are laying the groundwork for a more interconnected world, where cultural and people-to-people exchanges are encouraged.

This initiative is expected to have a positive impact on tourism and bilateral relations, offering a hassle-free travel experience for diplomatic, official, and ordinary passport holders from both countries. The Government of The Bahamas has communicated this new development to all relevant stakeholders, including aviation authorities, airline companies, and immigration officials, ensuring that the agreement is implemented effectively.

As Africa continues to open its doors to the world with forward-looking travel policies, this visa waiver agreement between Ghana and The Bahamas stands as a testament to the continent’s commitment to fostering international relations and tourism. This move is anticipated to enhance the travel landscape, enabling more people to explore new destinations and cultures without the hindrance of visa requirements.


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Ghana The Bahamas Visa Free


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