Tunisia Opens its Doors: Visa-Free Entry for Iranian and Iraqi Tourists

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    In a significant policy shift, Tunisia has declared a visa exemption for tourists holding ordinary passports from Iran and Iraq, beginning June 15, 2024. This new regulation enables these tourists to visit Tunisia without a visa for a period of up to 15 days, provided they hold a confirmed hotel booking and a round-trip ticket.

    What the Visa-Free Policy Entails

    The policy allows for a 15-day tourist stay for Iraqi and Iranian passport holders within every 180 days. The only requirements are a verified hotel reservation and a return flight ticket.

    Response from the Iraqi Government

    The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has expressed approval of Tunisia’s visa-free initiative, stating that it is set to increase tourist visits and foster economic and trade ties with Tunisia. This aligns with both nations’ interests in enhancing bilateral cooperation and understanding.

    Impact on Tourism and Bilateral Relations

    The visa exemption is expected to significantly boost tourism flows from Iran and Iraq to Tunisia, offering a potential uplift in economic interactions. Such movements not only benefit the tourism sector but also pave the way for stronger bilateral relations, as both tourists and business delegates can more freely explore opportunities.

    Travelers’ Preparation

    Travelers planning to take advantage of the new visa-free policy should ensure they meet all travel criteria, including the necessary bookings and ticket arrangements, to ensure a smooth entry into Tunisia.

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