Saudi Citizens to Enjoy Visa-Free Travel to Montenegro in 2024

Starting May 1, 2024, Saudi citizens will be able to travel to Montenegro without the need for a visa until the end of October of that year, under specific conditions. This move is part of strengthening diplomatic and economic ties between the two nations.

Overview of the Visa-Free Policy

The new visa-free arrangement permits Saudi travelers to stay in Montenegro for up to 30 days. Eligibility criteria include traveling within an organized group, having a pre-paid tourist package, an invitation from a Montenegrin travel agency, and guaranteed return documentation.

Background on Montenegro-Saudi Relations

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Montenegro have been growing since their diplomatic start in 2011. High-profile visits and economic engagements have marked the relationship, underscoring a mutual interest in fostering stronger ties.

Economic Ties and Investment

Trade figures from 2018 show a modest exchange of goods between the two countries, while Saudi investments in Montenegro increased in 2019. These economic connections mirror the ongoing diplomatic efforts to collaborate more closely.

Impact and Future Prospects

This visa-free policy for Saudi citizens is seen as a step to encourage more tourism and deepen cultural exchanges between Montenegro and Saudi Arabia. The policy’s temporary nature suggests a trial approach, gauging the impact on Montenegro’s tourism and international relations.

Montenegrin officials have not yet commented on potential challenges or issues anticipated with the implementation of this policy.

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