Cambodia Launches Innovative e-Arrival Scheme to Enhance Tourist Experience

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    In a significant move aimed at enhancing the entry process for visitors, Cambodia is set to introduce its new e-Arrival (CeA) scheme on July 1, 2024, available via The e-Arrival system was introduced as a trial from January 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024, during which both electronic and paper forms were accepted. This new procedure promises to streamline the arrival process for tourists, expatriates, and returning Cambodians by replacing traditional paper-based forms with a digital solution. The CeA is free of charge.

    Understanding the e-Arrival Card System

    Travelers to Cambodia will soon be able to register and complete an online e-Arrival Card 7 days before their trip. This digital card consolidates various documentation – including immigration, health, and customs declarations – into a single platform. Upon completion of the registration, users will receive a QR code, which needs to be saved on their mobile device or printed out. This QR code will then be presented at Cambodian entry points, simplifying the immigration process significantly. If travelers don’t complete the process before arrival, tablets will be provided at immigration to complete it on-site

    Benefits of the New Digital Card

    The transition to a digital system offers multiple advantages. It eliminates the need for multiple paper forms, reducing waste and potential errors. Importantly, the Cambodian government has announced that there will be no charges for registering or filling out the e-Arrival Card, making it accessible to all travellers. Additionally, for those who need assistance upon arrival, tablets will be available at immigration checkpoints to help complete the application process.

    Accessibility and User-Friendly Features

    The CeA app, which will facilitate the e-Arrival Card application, will be downloadable on both iOS and Android devices. This move is part of Cambodia’s strategy to modernize its border entry facilities and enhance the user experience for everyone entering the country. The ease of this digital transformation is aimed at promoting tourism and expediting the processing at entry points.

    Practical Implications for Travelers

    Aside from making the entry process faster and more efficient, the CeA scheme also aligns with global trends towards digitization of travel and immigration processes. It is essential for travelers to adopt this new system promptly to enjoy a seamless arrival experience in Cambodia.

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