Montenegro Lifts Visa Requirements for Saudi Tourists

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    In a strategic move to enhance tourism and economic relations, Montenegro has temporarily lifted visa requirements for Saudi Arabian citizens. Effective from June 13 to October 31, 2024, visitors from Saudi Arabia can enter, transit through, and stay in Montenegro for up to 30 days without a visa. This decision, announced during the 36th government session led by Deputy Prime Minister Aleksa Bečić, is expected to increase tourist arrivals from Saudi Arabia significantly.

    Impacting Tourist Influx and Economic Growth

    The Montenegrin government aims to capitalize on the growing interest of Saudi tourists. In 2023, the nation witnessed over 11,390 arrivals from Riyadh, highlighting the rising popularity of Montenegro among Saudi travelers. By removing visa barriers during the peak tourist season, the government anticipates a substantial increase in visitors, bolstering the local economy, especially the tourism sector.

    Previous Success and Future Prospects

    This initiative is not new; in 2022, a similar visa-free travel policy led to a positive response among Saudi tourists. The recurrence of this policy underscores its potential effectiveness in fostering stronger bilateral ties and economic benefits.

    While Montenegro currently lacks direct flight connections with Saudi Arabia, the ease of visa restrictions might propel an increase in travel options such as connecting flights through major European hubs, enhancing accessibility for Saudi tourists.

    Voices from the Crowd

    Feedback from the public shows a mix of humor and inquiry about the practical travel arrangements between the two countries. A notable comment from the readers humorously queried whether teleportation might be needed due to the lack of direct flights, illustrating the playful engagement of the audience with this news.

    Furthering Diplomatic and Economic Connections

    The temporary removal of visa requirements is seen as a part of broader diplomatic efforts to strengthen relations between Montenegro and Saudi Arabia. This policy not only facilitates travel but also supports broader economic and diplomatic initiatives between the two nations.

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