Brazil Reinstates Visas for American, Canadian, and Australian Visitors

Brazil is tightening its entry rules, and reintroducing visa requirements for tourists and business travelers from the United States, Canada, and Australia beginning April 10, 2025. This move is revoking a visa exemption policy that has been in effect since 2019. The Brazilian government initially planned to reinstate the visa requirement for tourists from those 3 countries in October 2023. However, this requirement was postponed first to January and then to April 2024. Most recently, the government has decided to further delay the implementation of this visa requirement until April 10, 2025. The postponement is partly due to Brazil finalizing a new visa system and avoiding implementation during the peak season, which includes New Year’s and Carnival festivities.

Brazil’s government cites the pursuit of reciprocal visa arrangements with other nations as the driving force behind the policy change.

  • Affected travelers are required to apply for an e-visa through Brazil’s official digital platforms, advised to do so at least 15 days before their intended travel date. 
  • The application fee for the e-visa is $80.90, offering a 10-year validity for U.S. citizens and a 5-year validity for Canadian and Australian citizens. 
  • U.S. airline and ship crew members have a grace period until July 10, 2024.

The Impact on Global Mobility

This policy reversal introduces a significant change for travelers from the U.S., Canada, and Australia, demanding additional preparation and potentially reshaping travel plans. The visa requirement could potentially impact the flow of tourists from the United States, Canada, and Australia to Brazil. The previous visa exemption was part of an effort to boost tourism, a significant sector for Brazil’s economy, especially during major events like Carnival and the New Year’s celebrations. The reintroduction of visa requirements adds an additional step and cost for travelers, which could deter some potential tourists, affecting the tourism industry. 

However, Brazil’s International Tourism Promotion Agency (Embratur) has initiated campaigns through tour operators and airlines to mitigate the impact and inform travelers about the new e-visa process. The electronic visa system aims to streamline the application process, making it more accessible for tourists despite the added requirement.

Interestingly, Brazil has chosen to exempt Japan from the reinstated visa requirement, following a bilateral agreement that facilitates visa-free travel for up to 90 days. This exemption highlights Brazil’s strategic considerations in fostering international tourism and diplomatic relationships.

What This Means for Travelers

  • Plan Ahead: Travelers impacted by the reinstatement need to factor in the visa application process into their travel preparations.
  • Stay Updated: With global travel regulations constantly evolving, staying informed on the latest requirements is crucial for a hassle-free experience.


This move by Brazil to reimplement visa requirements after a four-year hiatus is a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of international travel. It reflects a broader trend of countries reassessing their entry policies in an era of increasing focus on security and reciprocity in international relations.

As the implementation date draws near, travelers, along with the tourism and aviation industries, are gearing up for the change. This policy adjustment, while adding an extra step for visitors, serves as a pivotal moment in Brazil’s approach to managing its borders and reinforcing its stance on reciprocal international travel agreements.

*Information was updated on April 10.

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