Bhutan Lifts Mandatory Travel Insurance Requirement to Boost Tourism

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    Bhutan Enhances Tourism Accessibility

    In a pivotal move to enhance tourism accessibility, Bhutan’s Department of Tourism has announced the removal of the mandatory travel insurance requirement that was previously necessary for tourists. This change is aimed at streamlining travel procedures and encouraging more visitors to explore the unique culture, landscapes, and heritage of Bhutan.

    Background of the Travel Insurance Requirement

    The mandatory travel insurance for tourists was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic as a safety measure. It was intended to cover unforeseen medical emergencies, especially those related to the pandemic. However, with the global situation improving and travel resuming to normalcy, the Bhutanese government sees this as an opportune moment to facilitate smoother travel experiences.

    Implications of Removing the Mandatory Insurance

    • Simplified Visa Process: Tourists can now enjoy a less cumbersome visa application process, making it quicker and more straightforward to plan a trip to Bhutan.
    • Encouraged Travel Insurance: Despite the removal of the mandatory requirement, the Department of Tourism still encourages tourists to carry travel insurance as a precaution to cover any potential emergencies during their travels.
    • Promotion of Tourism: This adjustment is part of Bhutan’s ongoing efforts to simplify entry formalities and make the country more accessible to international tourists.

    What This Means for Tourists

    Tourists planning to visit Bhutan will find the travel process more convenient without the compulsory insurance hurdle. However, it’s still wise to consider obtaining voluntary travel insurance to ensure peace of mind while exploring foreign landscapes.

    Special Considerations for Indian Tourists

    Indian nationals enjoy a particularly favorable travel arrangement with Bhutan due to strong diplomatic ties between the two countries:

    • Visa-Free Entry: Indian passport holders can travel to Bhutan without a visa, which significantly eases the travel planning process.
    • Entry Permits: Upon arrival by road, Indian tourists need to obtain an entry permit from the Immigration Office in Phuentsholing. This permit is valid for 7 days and is necessary for travel within Bhutan.
    • Extension of Stay: For those wishing to extend their visit beyond the initial 7 days, a trip to the immigration office in Thimphu is required to apply for an extension.

    Bhutan’s Commitment to Tourism

    This policy adjustment reflects Bhutan’s commitment to creating a welcoming and hassle-free experience for tourists. By removing barriers like mandatory travel insurance, Bhutan aims to attract more visitors and showcase its renowned commitment to preservation and cultural richness.


    With the removal of the mandatory travel insurance requirement, Bhutan is set to become an even more attractive destination for international travelers. This policy change is expected to boost tourism and contribute positively to Bhutan’s economy while maintaining the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors.

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