Travel Buddy API: Simplifying Visa Requirements and Travel Information


Travel Buddy API is your go-to solution for up-to-date and comprehensive travel information. Our API provides details for 199 passports and their visa requirements, including the duration of stay, links to official eVisa applications (if available), passport validity, phone codes, currency, and capital city for 209 destinations worldwide.

Key Features

Visa Requirements

Determine if a visa is required for travel between specific countries.

Passport Validity

Get information on how long your passport needs to be valid beyond your period of stay.

Official eVisa Links

Access direct links to official eVisa applications when available.

Travel Information

Retrieve essential details such as the phone code, currency, and capital city of your destination.

How It Works

To utilize the Travel Buddy API, you need to make a POST request to the following URL:

Request Parameters:

  • api_key: Your unique API key.
  • request: The type of request. For visa requirements, use "visacheck".
  • passport: The ISO Alpha-2 country code of the passport.
  • destination: The ISO Alpha-2 country code of the destination.

Example Request:

"api_key": "YOURAPIKEY",
"request": "visacheck",
"passport": "TR",
"destination": "AE"

Response Structure

The API responds with a JSON object containing detailed information. Below is an example of the response:


"destination":"United Arab Emirates",
"capital":"Abu Dhabi",
"pass_valid":"6 months",
"visa":"Visa required",

Response Fields:

  • passport_of: The name of the passport's country.
  • passport_code: The ISO Alpha-2 code of the passport's country.
  • destination: The destination country.
  • cid: Country identifier.
  • continent: The continent of the destination country.
  • capital: The capital city of the destination country.
  • currency: The currency used in the destination country.
  • pass_valid: Passport validity requirement beyond the period of stay.
  • phone_code: The international phone code of the destination country.
  • timezone: The time zone of the destination country.
  • except_text: Exceptions to the visa requirements.
  • visa: Indicates if a visa is required.
  • color: Color-coded visa requirement indicator (e.g., "red" for visa required).
  • stay_of: Duration of allowed stay.
  • link: Link to the official eVisa application, if available.
  • error: Indicates if there was an error with the request.

Price list


$0 / Month

  • 300 requests


$4.99 / Month

  • 3,000 requests


$9.99 / Month

  • 10,000 requests


$19.99 / Month

  • Unlimited

Example integrations


import requests

# Your API key
api_key = "YOURAPIKEY"

# Request parameters
request = "visacheck"
passport = "TR" # ISO Alpha-2 code for Turkey
destination = "BG" # ISO Alpha-2 code for Bulgaria

# API endpoint
url = ""

# Prepare the POST data
data = {
"api_key": api_key,
"request": request,
"passport": passport,
"destination": destination

# Send the POST request
response =, data=data)

# Check for errors
if response.status_code == 200:
# Parse the JSON response
result = response.json()

# Print the response
print("Response from Travel Buddy API:")
print(f"Error: {response.status_code}")


Getting Started

  1. Obtain Your API Key: Obtain your unique API key.
  2. Make a Request: Use the provided endpoint and parameters to make your request.
  3. Integrate the Data: Utilize the response data in your application to provide users with accurate travel information.

Contact Us

For any questions or support, feel free to contact our team at [email protected].